Education and open dialogue are central to creating authentic, lasting changes regarding toxic hookup culture inside Jewish youth spaces. That's why we've created our first curriculum, "JTEC Basics: Toxic Hookup Culture, Objectification, & Consent." We're excited to share it and work with you to inspire change within the Jewish community.

We've created a living document. We welcome all feedback and insight as you adapt this JTEC program into an event. The curriculum is meant to serve Jewish teen groups of all ages and sizes, so we are here to work with you on making adjustments to the content so it best meets your community's needs. Most importantly, we'd love to hear about how you've implemented and built upon the program after your event!

Finally, we know running these programs can be difficult. We encourage you to fill out our Program Interest Form so we can learn your needs and support you! Also, please feel free to reach out directly via email or Instagram to set up a meeting.

Program 1: JTEC Basics

JTEC Basics.pdf

Resource Sheet

Share printed copies or a link to this document with your program participants. You can also make a copy and add in local resources!

JTEC Resources for Program Participants.pdf