Our Goals:

Consent Education programming that unpacks this culture and is attended by as many participants as possible. JTEC, along with the feedback from professionals and youth group participants, is developing a curriculum for this purpose that will be available to young group membership at all levels.

Comprehensive Surveying of youth group members, alumni, and prospective members who chose not to attend youth groups to understand the pervasiveness of hookup culture and hypersexualization.

Eradication of Sexualized Cheers and Point Systems, as well as other hookup games and awards. To accomplish this, organizations should make clear public statements against hookup games (i.e. points systems) and hookup awards that express how such practices are problematic and antithetical to the youth group goal. Unpacking these traditions is essential and will be part of our curriculum.

Creation of a national Consent Director Position dedicated to addressing gender, sex, relationships, and consent in youth groups and filled by a professional educator in these subjects.