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Why we accept submissions

Toxic hookup culture thrives in silence. The shame and stigma associated with the prevailing culture cause many to suffer in silence.

In order to support survivors and create an authentic dialogue around this topic, we accept submissions of testimonies from youth group participants and alumni. All testimonies are shared anonymously (see the bottom of the page for examples). The only identifying information is graduation year and youth group (if applicable) and this information can be omitted if desired. Although we accept and post submissions from Jewish summer camps, we do not share names of the camps. We are committed to listening to survivors of sexual violence in this process.

All testimonies are preceded by a trigger warning and this affirmation: "We are not altering these stories in order to support those who come forward and preserve authenticity. We are listening, and your story matters." Let us know if you have any thoughts about appropriate trigger warning(s) for your story.

Please reach out if you have any concerns or suggestions about our testimony sharing process.